Help the kids…just be real!

Kids, now more than ever are feeling just horrible!

Why..they have all the same problems we got through right?  Not really!

Imagine this for a moment….you sit in a fish bowl while everyone watches you, judges you, and picks you apart.

Welcome to a normal 5th-12th grade experience. This has become so  much different than any age has ever seen. You are woken up with text and facebook that has been going on all night. People talking about you, people saying thing about you, and even people Photoshopping and posting pictures about you. The amount of information and technology that is being pushed at our kids on a daily basis…can’t help but influence and hurt our kids. This stress is crazy and we have to help our children with all of it!

What, your ideas aren’t goo d enough? Of course they are.

Go speak to kids.

Go talk to a cub scout group.

Go talk to a girls scout troop.

Go talk to your kids class or be a guest speaker in your kids 3rd period.

You have the ability to tell these kids that life is awesome. Life is great. Life is something to be revered and everyone should simply think it’s awesome. You have this ability.

Look for motivational speakers that can come to organizations and schools to tell the kids that they are worth more, and their life is more awesome than they realize. (Shameless plug for Motivating for Positive Change?  Yes.) There are so many positives in life…you just have to open your eyes. There are a lot of motivational speakers out there…some so much more awesome than me….some not. However, the most important person for every kid to hear this lesson from is their parents, their teachers, and their guardians.

One idea is what Henry Rollins of Black Flag punk band and Rollins band fame did. All it is is a simple youtube video talking to “young people”.



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