Change? OMG!


People are so afraid of change, it’s hilarious.

Take a different route, and they are scared we won’t get there.

Let them hear a whisper that their job is changing, and it’s the end of the world.

If they lose their job, devastating.

Cook a meal slightly differently, it’s just wrong (even if it still tastes the same)

We even have words and phrases in our language to describe this – “life changing event” oooohhh!!

Change is very scary for people because our brains do such a good job compartmentalizing the world. We have pattern after pattern etched into our lives. I’ll bet you barely think about how to drive from your job to your house or from your house to the store you normally shop at. Why not take another road, a different path….it’s scary. It’s unknown. We are scared of this unknown thing…this different thing,….this out of the ordinary abnormal thing.

We have been taught time after time that the unknown and the unplanned is to be feared. But what fear does that truly produce in our world?  It produces the fear to change…fear to move…fear to create a difference. Keep the status quo, nothing changes, everything is great…right?  No!

When there is no change, everything is stagnant and our society is like water (since 80% of our body is water). Therefore, when water sits and becomes stagnant bacteria grows and begins to fester and change the water into a breeding ground for fungus and disease. When there is no flow and there is no change, life producing organisms are replaced with eating and killing. Destruction and death are what replaces the circle of life, and evaporation and the decomposers finish the job by eradicating the whole mess.

Does this sound familiar?  Change is feared and halted by the majority. Creativity, except the creation of devices towards fabricated interconnectedness such as computers and cell phones which mimic the reality of all living being beings interconnected, is at an all time low. The arts are being defunded, libraries are losing money, literature is a shadow of what it once was and most is merely a retelling of the same plot and idea, and original and creative thought is being punished in the school system which is being forced to teach only one way of thinking and idea. What is being funded? War machines used for killing, destruction of our earth by various fossil fuel drillers and distributors, nightly speakers dolling out fear and billing it as the news, and nonliving things are seen as more valuable than life itself.  A constant depiction of disrespect, abuse, and sexual objectification of the gender that creates life…mocking the perpetuation of our species. What do we call one organism that feeds on the life of another organism?  A parasite? Businesses and politicians feeding off the work and money of the people who are building their houses and bridges. Home and apartment owners making money by destroying their tenants lives. These are cancerous on our planet and to our society.

We have become the stagnant pond. Change is needed. Change is a must. We are those agents of change.

We are agents of change

This is why motivating for positive change is so important. This is why it is so important that I inspire others to motivate others towards positive change. Motivating for positive change is more than just an idea, it is a movement to recreate the body of water we exist in. By creating positive change, we bring back the excitement, the fun, the actions that was lost and has now been found again.

Now we do something! We create positive change is everything we do. We are the positive person at work to show everyone else that happiness and positivity are possible. We are the people who are open about the causes that we are for, and openly try to get others to join them. We are the people who will stand up for the creation of positive change and bring it about 1 step at a time.

Motivating for positive change to create a better world!


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