Have a day card

An idea that I came up with that is a neat idea.

So I needed new business cards and decided I was going to print my own. But I just couldn’t concentrate on the idea of a business card. For the most part, most people have a computer and a printer or at least have access to one (Libraries are great!!!)

Even if you don’t, you can do this at home with a pair of scissors and pieces of paper.

You can make a card that has a positive message on it.

You’re awesome.

Think peace, speak peace

Love all!


Have an awesome day!

Be the change

Save the earth

You are valued

Someone loves you

You have done something great.

It can only get better

Every day is beautiful.

Life is a journey, smile

Life for the now

Be positive

See the positive in anything and everything

Be well.

I wish you good health

We all have bad days

Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.



You deserve love

And so many more.

So cut your paper in equal rectangular parts (or use a publisher or business card program). Write a message on each rectangle/card.  Print a few hundred and go to where there are people:malls, fairs, craft fairs, celebrations, airports, train stations, bus stations, the streets (depending on where you live), school, business, apartments, etc

Here’s the coolest part:  Hand them out. If people ask why or what you are dointg, just explain you are wishing them a happy day, or some other positive statement. Then walk on.

Imagine the numbers….100 people – 10 truly moved, 10 smiling, = 20 happier people, 7 that will carry it on, 1 will copy.

100 people in 1 hour/week for 1 year – 52 hours, 5200 people. 120 truly moved, 120 smiling = 240 happier people, 84 will cary it on, and 10 will copy.

Those 10 will add another  240 happier people per person, or 2400 happier people in a year. Wow! Now that is positive change.

What happens when there are happier people, the world is a lot more positive!

What other positive phrases can you come up with? (Let’s see how long we can make this list)


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