If they can influence turkey we can influence the world

It’s Autumn and Thanksgiving is around the corner.

Auggghhhh…Chad what are you doing?  You can’t talk about Thanksgiving (For those of you out of America…It’s a holiday where we celebrate a story about pilgrim and Indians getting along {short version}) before Halloween!

Well, ok…I agree.

But if it will motivate positive change, it is a great time to talk about it.

Here’s a quick and dirty history of thanksgiving:

A day of thanks has dated back in English society(we were English remember) since the 1600’s, so it was just natural for them to bring it over to us. However, the day of thanks often was a day to thank the royalty for doing everything ti do for the “little people”. Well, that wasn’t too popular with the people who hated the royal crown, overthrew it, and then became a country just to piss of the royal crown. Then the civil war comes about. Lincoln declares the victory of Sherman as so great, he labels it a day of thanks. Then a few years later Lincoln wanted to rally the country together post civil war, so he proposed to Congress (and it was agreed upon) to declared day of thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

According to business historian Thomas DiBacco, the poultry farmers got together in the late 1800’sand came up with a stroke of genius. The New England poultry farmers begin advertising Turkey with Thanksgiving dinner since turkey was 10 cents a pound with the average turkey 30 lbs, for a total of $3.00 when a chicken cost less than a dollar. They convinced illustrators to draw picture so f families eating roast turkey and fixing turkey for thanksgiving and the tradition was born.

That’s right…nothing to do with the holiday.

These people changed the world, the cultural story, societal norms, and society itself just by adding in their own ideals into the norms of reality. We can do that.

We speak about changing the world. We create art about the change we want tpo see. We create songs about the change we wanted to see.

Now, many of the 60’s kids will say…we already did that and n0othing happened. On the contrary, most f other ideas, peace signs, and theories live in our children’s heads to this day. That’s why hippie is a Halloween costume and the stories and paraphernalia is all over the world. The momentum stopped and washed down like a wave washes down the shore.

This didn’t have to stop….it just did. We have the ability to reinvent this world into a better place for all people to live!

So the next time you look at a turkey, know that you have the ability to change the world!


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