The Kindness of Strangers [Resolutions 21 & 22]

This is such a neat idea…I love it.

The rest of this blog is just awesome as well…I suggest all to read it, be inspired and do something nice for people in the world.
There is no one way better to create and motivate for positive change than doing kind acts for people!

As for this post…I love the idea that you can write letters to strangers…

Here’s another idea to build upon this. Why couldn’t we just open the phone book, or get online or something and get a whole bunch of random addresses. Then send out thank you and positive messages to these random people.

Imagine the wave of positive energy and happiness you would generate.

How else could we anonymously contact people to create positive change?

Wake Up, Ami

Change is constant.  There is no doubt about that.  If you’re not changing, if you’re world isn’t changing, you aren’t truly alive.  There is value and comfort in stability, but we as humans are evolutionary creatures, we crave the ability to change and grow even if we don’t realize that’s so.

Recently, with all the change that’s going on in my life, I’ve likewise attracted people who are just as conscious of that craving as I am. Some people are chasing the same thing; some people are confident on their path and intentionally reach out and help those who are currently on the chase. Some people don’t even know the impact they have or will have on you, they just do what they do best and in the process–change you.

Dane, the now good friend from a few posts ago, is a little “all of the above.”  Since we…

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