To change the way we see the world

A young man told me yesterday…I’m different. I don’t see the world like everyone else. I have a brain thing. Then he dropped his head and I watched a tear land on the sidewalk.    My friend here does have a “brain thing” and it has made him get bullied, yelled at, screamed at, hit, and many many consequences. Why have we done this to our children?

So in honor of him:

I Chad Herman am different.
I Chad Herman do not see the world like others. (I see a world that is so much better and that is why I’m motivating for positive that the world that I see becomes a reality.)
I Chad Herman have a brain thing and it has made me be the speaker, presenter, and motivator that I am.
I Chad Herman am changing the way the world sees thsi young man and so many other things, for if we allow this world to go on like this….there will be many many tears on the sidewalk.

We are the examples that people will follow!


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