Adopting a road to inspire and create positive change

Me and Motivating For Positive Change’s road!

As you know…or may not, if this is the first post you’re reading…my name is Chad Herman and I motivate people to change the world. I speak nationwide about a number of causes and ways that we all have the ability to change the world.

Me and my helpers (my two daughters) getting ready to clean our mile!

So I was thinking of ways to suggest people could help their community and inspire others to “copy cat” whatever idea other people had. As I was pondering this I found an “Adopt a road” program. Now where I’m from, which is in Pinellas County, Florida, USA…we have a program called “Keep Pinellas Beautiful.“.

I called the number, visited the web site, and went in and signed a contract. The contract requires an adoptee to clean the “mile” once every quarter or roughly every 3 months. What a cool and awesome idea to go out there and inspire positive change, and inspire other to do the same.

Imagine…I know, I start with this phrase a lot but this is the way I think…Imagine that 100 people read this (It’s very possible since I know have a number of followers…thank you for following me) and only 10 people actually do it. That means 10 miles of roads will be adopted and cleaned. We are recycling and recreating the way our own community and neighborhoods are looking and being kept. Not only that, the more you work on a part of your

Cleaning up the mile for Motivating For Positive Change

world, the more you care, the more you care the less you will want to hurt and destroy it.

Now, let’s think big and monumental with this. Boys and girls clubs/rec centers/YMCA’s…places where the future of our world hang out and are forced to be in after school and before school programs. What a great thing to do. What a  great way for them to have a stake in their community. That’s not just a road anymore..that’s a stretch of road I know every inch of. I know how nasty the smokers are who toss their butts onto my road. I know how disrespectful people are when they toss their gum, and half drank ice tea bottles. I know the rude and unlawful drivers who drive by and hurt MY road. Suddenly they see this as part of their life, and they care about their world again. Many of these kids…this is the first time they cared about anything.  That’s how just adopting a road (for free!!!!) can change people’s lives. Even yours.

In the end, we picked up 58 pounds of trash! All of it was recycled…Yay! Motivating For Positive Change…changing the world 1 road at a time, 1lb of trash at a time.

Then there’s the team at work who do nothing, but they can adopt a road and suddenly they ARE a TEAM. They care about something again besides their hate for being at a job. The job is getting free advertising, and they are responsible for more than just a job…now they are responsible for a road, and not just any road..THEIR road. Now they are working like a team, because they are doing something together that means something.

Adopting a road is not just picking up trash, it’s creating a change in people, in your community, and your life!

When you adopt a road, you motivate all people for positive change. That’s exactly why Motivating For Positive Change now has a road!

Stay tune for the picture with the name on it….they don’t put that on till you do your 1st clean up.

In the end Autumn Herman, E.V Jones(my awesome daughter and eager Vollunteers), and Chad Herman spoke to about 100 people, thanked and complimented another 30, and picked up 58 pounds of reccylable trash!

The tired volunteers





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