The war on nature!

Most of us live in a city.

Most of us were born in a city.

Most people who do not live or were not born in a city, want to live in a city.

The cities that exist, we can do nothing about. They are what they are.  We can change the landscape of the city by creating vacant lots to be parks and botanical gardens and community gardens. (Hint hint…what a great idea!  Who wants to take this on?)

However, we have to stop the forests and natural worlds that still exist on our planet from becoming cities. We must end the deforestation that is happening around the world. We are cutting off out air supply. We are cutting off our weather regulators. We all learned this science in grade school, it’s not like some crazy scientist just dreamed it up…it’s a reality.

So before you watch the video below…here’s a call to action for everyone reading this!

1. Plant. Plant. Plant. Make your world (our world) more plentiful with trees and nature. A true story…a friend of mine goes to the dollar store and buys seed packs for 25 cents, and spends like $3. Then he drives around places where there are vacant lots and pours the seeds around the lots. Or he will drive down the road letting seeds fly to the wind.  There are a lot fo pretty places because of him.

2. Join or create causes to stop the destruction of the natural world. There are so many groups out there…a google search will garnish 1000’s of sites and organizations doing everything they can to end the destruction. You can HELP!  Yes you can. Your voice is not small….and you are part of the solution!




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