Are we people who can still do this?

Though this is a commercial about music…it makes a very very important comment.

These people actually went out of their way to construct an outside, oceanary, radio station just so that they could play what they thought people deserved to listen to.

This full and utter nonconformity to do what is right is a trait that is being taught-out of our children right now. If they step out of line, or a little more creative than others…they are chastised by the schools, the authorities, the parents, and even their own friends. We must bring this back. We must educate as many people as possible that this is the trait that will change our world for the better.

Why don’t people speak up?  FEAR. Fear of nonacceptance. Fear of being chastised. Fear of being attacked (verbally, physically, or mentally), fear of change, fear of the next step..the unknown.

This is merely one story of a group that decided to take what they believed was right into their own hands. There are multiple groups one can cite that have used this thought and turned it bad…but there are so many that have done this and the stories are phenomenal.

I remember when I was a kid I sat up late at night till my mom was asleep around 2 am or so and turn on my radio to an odd AM station that always had snow…but at 2am, this guy would hack into the radio frequency and play the neatest music I had ever heard. He played Dr. Demento stuff(look it up), he played hardcore rap, punk, everything that wasn’t being played on the normal radio stations. This was in the early 80’s and I was hearing new wave, punk, and grunge music that was just being experimented with.

There have been cutting edge poetry and literature that has been published underground, and revolutionized how we see people and literature and our world: A few who have been part of this: Charles Bukowski, TS Elliot, EE. Cummings, Hemingway….to name a few who have changed the way we see the world.

There are still people right now that are doing this in every way possible. In a group called Pace Bene there is a friar who has been jailed again and again by his nonviolent protest of drones.

There are teachers who are teaching free thought, and are teaching students to think outside of the box. (Thank you if you are one of those.)

There are groups of people reading self published novels, poetry, and graphic novels that are changing the way we think and see the society around us.

Our society is changing and the underground is changing it.

We are the people who are changing the world. Find that trait in you that cries out for change and you do what you need to do to make it happen!



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