More thoughts on violence and preventing it

For when we talk about and spread the positive…it happens

I speak to people about preventing violence all the time…and  there’s always the same comments.

“Violence is just a way of life”

“We’ve always lived in a violent world.”

“There will never be a day violence is going to not exist…it just won’t.”

“Only when {insert deity here} brings upon {insert Armageddon-like time here} that’s when peace will happen, but not till then because {enter deity antithesis here} still exists.”

“Violence is life”

 It’s sad that this is the general view of the world. Then there is the other group that explains:

“Violence should not exist, except when you are being attacked.”

“Self defense is always ok…but violence is not.”

“If you’re being attacked, violence is okd”

The second group rationalizes violence into situations, times, and places.

Is there a time when pollution is acceptable?

Is there a time when extinction is acceptable?

Is there a time when inflicting someone with cancer, rather than preventing it is acceptable?

Is there a time when animal cruelty is ok?

Is there a time when killing endangered species is ok?

NO! There isn’t a time any of these things are ok…but you will notice that these causes don’t involve the “I” directly. It is only when the “I” is involved, that things become acceptable.

When you are asked if killing is acceptabkle…the answer is no, till the “I” gets involved.

When you are asked if stealing is ok, people say no…thinking of others taking their stuff…but the “I” get involved and says, well stealing is ok if you’re hungary (as long as a hungary person doesn’t steal from me), it’s ok when a person really needs something to survive (as long as it is what I deem they need and it’s not mine).

When you are asked if “not recycling” is ok…the answer is never….then the “I” gets involved and rationalizes why they aren’t recycling all the the things they could. Excuses such as time, memory, money, etc.

When we see that there is no acceptable time for any of these things, we wil truly change the world.

When we see a world without violence, we see a world that is more peaceful. Unfortunately, we are living in a violent world and we see know other way. We are what we see. We are living in a world where greed and fear are the reasons for all things.

As long as we believe that violence must be….violence will be.

As Lao Tzu said a few millennia ago: Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change.





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