Speakign to end Violence!



I was part of a panel asking the people of the world to stand up and become a better bystander.

I am part of a group called the Pinellas County Domestic Violence Task Force where we work to educate the public, the courts, and the other agencies what domestic violence is and what we can do to end it. This panel consisted of people from DV shelters, sheriffs office, the SPCA, and the local school board. A combined effort to end the violence from the kids, to the seniors, the animals to the couples. We must end this violence once and for all.

There are so many groups, and so many people that see this violence and gender inequality(which is a big contributing factor to domestic violence) as wrong and are fighting to end it, and yet it seems like it is increasing…Why?

In Pinellas County, Florida right now there are 13 people who have been killed because of domestic violence this year alone.

The reason these efforts are slowing and failing (or at least a few of them) are because we are not educating the real people. We are trying to educate ourselves, and that is great…but when the real everyday people are do not see a problem, there’s nothing we can do.

Also, we are not standing up and saying NO in one collective. We are doing this here, and that there…but what if all these groups came together and aid in one voice…we will not take violence and it is unacceptable in our world..period! Let’s make power and control, abuse (of all kind) so unacceptable that the mere sight of it would be repulsive.

The derogatory word for an African American that begins with “N” was a common term. It was said and thrown around so much it was merely a common term to use. Looking at Mark Twain’s novels alone, you see how easily it is woven into the novel…since it is a product of that time period. Now..however, it’s a whole different story. I don’t care where you are or in what circles you are…that word makes everyone stop and take NOTICE. It is a word synonymous with hate, disrespect, and causes great disgust. Even the racist in the world (besides the zealots) lower their voice when they utter the word. They know it’s wrong, but they still feel the need to say it.

Well…what if violent language, violent words, and violence in general was seen that way.

How..I hear you say. Start talking and speaking. Start taking a stand. Start writing letters. Start writing emails. Start a campaign…and don’t stop. I’ll be right there next to you.

Now hear this: If you start a nonviolence organizations, nonviolence walk, etc…or you know of a nonviolence organization…I will be HAPPY to post it on this blog and on the facebook page!

Every time you see violence…mention something. Do something!

I am!



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