Wow…speaking to end Domestic Violence and prevention happens

The poster for the event. There was another one that I couldn’t take a picture of that was in the “pop comic” style…having a woman smack a guy.

The pictures in the post are of me presenting to a group of college students at St. Petersburg College.

It was neat, since unlike a lot of the venues I speak at, was in a classroom setting. It’s a long time since I was in a classroom. I was a high school teacher and a corporate trainer for years. The classroom was where I learned how to speak, and that I could actually educate the world towards a better way of living.

There were 45 chairs, 2 screens, 2 projectors, 1 powerpoint, and me.

The first 10 minutes there were only 5 people, by the 30 minute mark…the room was filled.

I asked questions, they answered.

They asked questions, and I answered.

There were times I was so off my presentation, that it became a real life conversation. A conversation that you can only have when you’re in a classroom setting, and it’s already been established that ANY type of conversation is ok.

For we can never accept that women are less than men! We are equal!

The things that people shared and were able to share was amazing.

From an entire story of how a woman has escaped 2 abusive relationshipos,a nd still looks over her shoulder to this day…even though it’s been 3 years.

To a young gentleman who doesn’t understand why all the fingers point to men when he is not part of this.

To a woman who opened her house to a friend who was so gripped with fear that she wouldn’t sleep anywhere that had a window, so she slept on the bathroom floor.

To a woman and a man who wonder why the LGBTQ community are so plagued with this problem.

We have to do something, ALL OF US, in order to change the status quo of violence!

To others that just ask WHY?  Why did I get raped?  Why did I get abused? Why did this happen to me?

45 people let educated and wanting to do something.

The most amazing thing that happened was at the end:

Someone asked what can we do…and I put up this slide.

Then someone asked…ok, there s a lot fo things to do. If you could tell us something right now, what could we do. (Nothing like putting the presenter on the spot!-but that is exactly what you should do to a presenter…if he’s motivating you to do something, they better be able to give you something concrete you can do.)

I thought for a moment and said: Right now, take out your phone and post a message about preventing domestic violence to your facebook wall and as many other walls as you can.

Suddenly, 45 people took out their phone and I watched 45 prevention messages be posted on facebook. WOW! Who knows how many conversations and comments and rethinking took place at that moment. Wow!

Margaret Mead was right: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Motivating For Positive Change



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