Chad Herman for president?

My daughter is learning about the president, presidency, and elections in school…seems an obvious lesson or unit in this political climate. I congratualted the teacher!

My daughter explained this person who loves animals and cares about their welfare.

This man who wants to change the world.

A man who cares nothing about taxes (since the rest of the class set that as their main criteria), the economy, or the debt the country is in.

A man who wants to end violence in the whole world.

A man who believes in the goodness of humanity, and desires only to teach people to change the world for the better.

A man who is old enough and has a college degree.

A person who wants people to pay more attention to climate chantge and global warming, and cares and loves the environment.

A man who loves nature, and often meditates in it.

A person who believes that all people should have the necessary needs: food, water, shelter, education.

She drew a picture and showed me: It was a stick man with two speech bubbles coming out of his mouth:

1. Peace and Love

2. Motivating for positive change

Wow…my daughter thinks I would be an awesome president?

My daughter nominated me for President of the United States….I must be doing something right.


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