Serve and help all!


No matter what you do…Help others.

There is so much everyone of us can do!

Follow your heart. What do you feel about…enviroment, kids, poverty, animals -which ones.

You don’t have to do something can be so very small and turn into somethign so big.

Do you work?  Silly question…most of us do. Put out a small jar and explain you are collecting change for your charity, your cause, etc….send an e-mail all around, just like those ones you forward all over the place. Ask for pennies,…not dimes and quarters and dollars…if they want to do that, that’s find, but you’re just asking for pennies.  It’s amazing how those pennies add up.

Pennies….My daughter asked for pennies and raised $150 for special olympics.

I asked for pennies and raised $500 for the SPCA.

My wife asked for pennies and raised $150 for her friend to walk the 3 day breast cancer awareness walk…that’s double giving right there. She’s awesome like that.

A gentleman sat a 5 gallon water bottle on a street corner with a sign that said…please give pennies to all those people who don’t have any. He put a chair out, and sat there pointing out the jug. Within 2 weeks the jug was full. He lugged into the local homeless shelter and said, thank you for putting me up here a few years back. The entire thanksgiving and Christmas dinner was paid for with that 1 jug alone. the money they allocated for those dinners went to blankets and heat.

What are you doing and for what?


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