We can end poverty! You can help!



We have reelected our president!

Whether you like it or not does not matter.

Whether you voted for him or not does not matter.

What this picture is saying what matters.

The president is making a very good point. These are 2 very very big problems in our world. We must always ask ourselves, what are we doing to help the children in these situations. There are so many people that sit in poverty everyday…and people say, well they should get out of it.

Many people who say that…did pull themselves out of this poverty stricken world, but the children don’t know any better or anymore than what is around them.

As a child who ate welfare cheese, mixed powder to make milk, and often ate ketchup sandwiches because there was nothing else….I understand how it feels to think that this is just the way everyone else lives.  When we went to the movies the rules were simple…we’re here to wotcha  movie not eat. Little did I know that going to a movie was a luxury that was scraped together and saved for. When we went to the mall, we were there to “look” and, now i know, to price everything that I and my brother wanted, so that my mom could figure out how she was going to pay for it. Did she want out of this life…yes! But the disease that forced her to lay in bed all day sometimes, and the disability was often not enough…but it was more than the food stamps people wanted her to make…so we didn’t get those either. We were suppose to be getting child support checks, but this was before the days of forcing dads to pay for child support like they do now, plus one of our dads was disabled so you could figure there was no money coming out of that potato. Busses and walking were our transportation. Why do I tell you this?

Because I can remember many many times when I was sitting at a bus stop and a person walked by and gave me an apple, paid for our bus fare, and the local shelter had a “free toy” day. Yes, a free toy day. That’s a day when all the kids could come and grab 2 free toys from the toy room – those were awesome days. I remember when the people who were holding garage sales would look over at us playing with out put together bikes and say, do you guys want any of this stuff?  It didn’t take a lot to make us happy, and it didn’t take a lot to help realize that life was cooler and neater than we realized. We knew we were the “have nots’ but the more people gave and helped…we began to feel like the “have’s”…and though it was nothing to most of the people who gave us stuff…it was everything to us.

One day a man and his wife drove down the street ringing bells…we rand out and every parent and every child got gift cards. Wow…now that was neat.

Today I am part fo many giving trees and present trees and one day I was told I had to deliver 3 big bags to the projects across town. I drove over there and parked in the unpaved driveway of a run down apartment complex.  I walked up tot he door and the parent answered…a parent who had been left high and dry with 2 kids, a broken arm, and no job. The parent wanted to get a GED, but life had not allowed that yet. A job was the 1st priority, but all the jobs had gone to on-line applications, and the library was 5 miles away to use the computer. Things were bleak. I was invited in, and though it was Dec 22…there was no Christmas stuff up because there just wasn’t any. I unloaded the three bags and put up a tree, presents, and stocked the fridge. The parent sat on the ground and cried. I knew of a place that would hire the parent, but they really didn’t want to take my charity…so I gave them the number.  They got the job and it works around school times.

What can we do to end poverty, homelessness, and lack of opportunity….so very much.

Please go out and DO something.

What are you planning to do?



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