Family is caring and loving!

I grew up with an awesome mom!  She was a person who any child could look up to.

Then there were her boyfriends…and then the one that stayed (oh how I wish he went!)

At 8…life became hell. Screaming, yelling, beating, slapping, destroying!  That was normal life for 10 years…then I escaped, my mom wasn’t so lucky.

A horrible family life is to say the least…but I know she was doing the best she could.

Then we look at this video/PSA. I dreamed of this life. I dreamed of this family. I dreamed of being valued and loved this much.

As a kid…we wanted only love, happiness, and the feeling of being cared for and valued.

Who cares who loves whom….it just matters how great they treat the future and help and treat each other.

Help change the world so that all kids can have a loving family…no matter what the family looks like!


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