What if we did something to change the world? What if…

What if we each decided to do something to change the world?

What if we each decided to do something to make others’ lives better?

What if we each decided to pick something…anything that doesn’t hurt living creatures….and then decided to help it succeed better than it already does?

Yes..what if?

When you ask little kids to tell you what they want to do, or what they want to be when they grow up, they will tell you they want to be a Fire person, a police officer, a doctor, or what their parents are. When you ask why they will say because they help people and they are good people.

Let me repeat that…because they help people and they are good people. Somewhere they are educated out of that. Somewhere they are taught that they have to achieve the “gold ring”. What is the “gold ring” or what we have begin calling the American Dream?

Gold Ring:  Big House, kids, job that pays a lot, expensive cars, all the new gadgets and technology, famous, rich, married or at least in a committed relationship. (I could keep adding to this, but I think you know the rest…)

Notice how “ME” centered this is. Of course there are kids and a spouse, but they are not as important as getting stuff, and most of the time they are status symbols or helpers to get more stuff. We all know that it’s easier to buy more things if you’re with someone who’s making a lot of money just like you. There’s a big difference between an annual household income of $45,000/yr and a couple making $90,000/yr.

ME, ME, ME…..then the “all about me” group that have finally achieved this give money here and there to places that come to their job or fundraisers for their kids to get “stuff”…and in that way they are helping people.

This is what we are teaching. This is who we have become. This is the world I’m trying to change. This is where the what if questions came from.

What if this was the “golden ring”: Being happy, working to help others, an honest positive relationship free of violence where there is enough time for the whole family, parents working at jobs they love, kids helping other kids and wanting to help others willingly, having all their needs met and giving the excess to people who can’t get their needs met, thanking everyone for the jobs they do, dogs and cats from the shelters, vacations that are spent helping others, and  the gadgets that are NEEDED.

What if?  So let’s start now. As the great Rumi quote says…let’s start with us. What can we do, with our little money and little time?  How can we educate our kids and our friends to do something to help others.

The Gandhi quote says…Be the change you want to see in the world. Does this mean, be nice and thankful on one day and be greedy and materialistic the next day (Thanksgiving and Black Friday).  Is that the world you want to see?  Be the change…be and act and speak how you want all other people to…and you will be the example, you will be the wonderment that will become normal amongst your family, then your friends, then your organization, then your community, your city, your county, your state, and you have helped change the world and set in place a movement that can not be stopped….because you were the change you wanted to see in the world.

So when you look in the mirror each morning…ask yourself who you are?

When I look in the mirror…I answer – I am the person who will change the world. I am the change that I want to see in the world, and I am the person who will educate all people to change this world in a positive way. I am the person who is motivating for positive change!


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