Earth day April 2013

Earth day?

Wait i can’t deal with more than one day or holiday at a time. I can’t think about earth day yet…what can I do?


Earth day is not a day, it’s an idea that was created to pay attention tot he health of the Earth. I know you don’t pay that great attention to your health…me either. My foot has hurt for years, yet I’m not going to go see anyone for it since it’s working fine.

Did you hear that? A whole bunch of people who just read this just sighed. Why?  Because it’s obvious that if I don’t take care of my foot, it won’t hold up my 160lb frame for much longer. Very true.

However, this is the idea that we as humans, and the nations of the world, take on the health of our earth. it’s ok…we’ll be fine. Nothing is different it’s all good.

Then things like Sandy happen.  As one picture I’ve posted says…when you were debating on whether the climate was changing…it changed. That’s the real truth.

When the entire world is having WEIRD (to say the least, at the most….Grease reference) weather…it’s not just “normal”….it’s the “new normal” that will turn into an even newer normal that we haven’t see for centuries.

Remember, when humans mess with nature things go bad. A few examples:

1930 – bad farming created a dustbowl and dust storms that lasted for 5 years in the US.

1950’s – DDt killed millions of people, food, animals, and the insects it was suppose to kill.

2001 – the bee population begin to drop (still is by the way). no bees- no vegies…animals and humans die.

2006 – Huge HUGE shelf falls off the antartic continent

2008 – Colorado and the Alps have no snow for winter.

There are so many more…go to for a lot more of how climate change is affecting us and what we can do.  So I gues we should all be doing something.

ME?  I recycle EVERYTHING at my house. My kids call me a recycling nazi…but that’s ok. At work I recycle everything I can get my hands on…and I have inspired many many peopel to do the same.

I write letters to oil industries and daily get on Facebook and to sing petitions and forward things to people to do something about the destruction of our earth. Go out and speak about doing something to help change the world and the earth is a big part of the conversation. Because no matter what….it’s pretty simple equation:

no earth=nothing else!



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