Excited as with Christmas

Here we are…the 2nd post about the Christmas stuff.

Why?  Because I just read the 8th blog in the last hour about Christmas like.

Christmas cookies and new recipes for those Christmas cookies.

Christmas dresses and where to get great deals on them.

Christmas etiquette and when and what is the right thing to do at those awkward Christmas get together (we could just treat each other civilly and with respect and an open mind..am I talking crazy?)

Christmas wedding colors and way to do a great Christmas wedding.

Get onto your facebook or twitter and it’s full of “what should I get _________?”;

Party invite to this person or that person party.

Office parties…ahh the drama.

So the whole world is putting on its Christmas clothes and the Christmas talk…talks of figi pudding, egg nog, pumpkin pie(yes, we’ve been talking about this pie for the whole Autumn…that’s ok.), ghosts of past, present, and future (thank you dickens), trains running to the north pole called Pollar express (thanks Tom hanks for bringing that great book to the rest of the world) and trees, decorations, and goodwill.

The really industrial websites and bloggers have even Christamsfied their sites…wow!

As I often do…I thought, wow..what if we were to take this idea of changing our holiday clothes and turned it into something more.


How many things affect you, cause you to cry, cause you to smile every day…probably millions. What causes do you want to help?  What things to do you want to change in this world?  What are the ideas that you want us all to take in and if everyone did that…we could change the world?  Ideas like equality, nonracism, nonalientation, nonviolence, etc, etc!

What if each of these causes and beliefs of yours became your clothes. (Notice: This is a metaphor…I’m not suggesting to make clothes. However, if you want to…that’s ok too. Btw – If you want to buy a t-shirt or clothing to help support animal causes check out my voice clothing and t-shirts.

What if each time we decided we really wanted to take a stand about something it took over our existence like Christmas does. Think what awareness and energy we’d get to that cause. We’d be talking about it, sending cards to everyone explaining about it, creating traditions about it, getting people together to talk about the cause over drinks or a party, giving people gifts in the name of the cause (Which btw is an awesome awesome gift. Just donate some sort of money to a cause or sponsor an animal in someone elses name. How cool!!!) Even your e-mail would be signed saying something about the cause.

Wow!!! This could truly change the way that cause looked, was known about and how they operated.

When we truly believe in something and truly want to change the world….let it show, and tell everyone you can. The more who know, the more who can help!



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