Success of the Christmas Holiday, and Motivating For Positive Change

It’s December, and everything has become Christmasfied!

There’s Christmas songs, Christmas sales, Christmas commercials, Christmas announcements, Christmas tree lighting, Christmas decorations are EVERYWHERE, Christmas has descended upon our planet.

Think about that…our planet. One of the few ideas that the entire world can agree on one thing. The entire world!!!

This got me thinking…

1. Is this the only holiday that does this?

2. If so, what does this holiday have that the others don’t?

Well….this isn’t really the only holiday that does this..because Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone (or is it)?  Without going into the entire story of Christmas (which if you really wanted to know you can find here.) ; Christmas began with the ancient ideals of the Winter holiday or the Winter Solstice. Remember, the two extremely important days of the year for the ancient people were the longest day and the shortest day…the shortest would be the most disturbing, since the fight against darkness is a war we have been on forever. Look a modern city…there is so much light, you will never have daRKto see the dark, and the dark parts (alleys,etc) are where all evil happens.

BRIGHTThis idea of darkness=evil is very very ancient, and this day when there was more darkness than day…it was significant and you had to do something to combat it. How would you combat dark…create light. This is where our lighting the Christmas tree tradition…making the forest bright. So there was bonfires, and lots of excuses to be around the rest of the village and the rest of the people…more people=more warmth. Shared food =more food for everyone.

Every culture, tradition, and society has a winter celebration stemming from the ancient tradition of the winter solstice.

So why is this such a pervasive idea, holiday, or belief?

All of the winter holidays have the same basic tennants:

  • Celebrate family and neighbors
  • Give presents to others for no other reason but to show appreciation to them (selfless acts)
  • Celebrations involving sharing food with others
  • Traditions involving light and illumination

Notice we can take these same tenants and translate them to the acts and actions of the great prophets and wise people throughout all the religions and people that are in our modern times but that are seen unbelievable and great.

God like hero: selfless, cares about family and neighbors, brings food or money to people, he is illuminated or enlightened or magnificent.

These are the basic tenants of humankind.    This is the way.  This is the way we all should be working towards. This is the idea that this entire business and this web site is based on. We must help and protect everyone we know and everyone we would consider friends and neighbors. In my opinion, every person on this planet is my neighbor…this is the reason why I’m so passionate about the climate change and earth health issues. I don’t want to loose anyone that doesn’t need to. We are all on this planet at this moment for a reason…we can help each other find our potential.

This blog is full of stories of giving and selflessness…change the way people see the world, and they act differently.

Every Christmas is a reminder of that. What about Santa Claus…he is the most amazing symbol of what Christmas is. A completely selfless entity helping the entire earth to find the happiness that we all deserve and have the ability to attain. What about the reindeer?  Well, that’s the idea that anything, yes anything, is possible…with faith in yourself, the absolute knowledge that what you want will happen, will happen. The impossible will become the possible!  There are millions of people who have attained impossible things…were they more special than anyone, NO. They were going to achieve no matter what, as long as nobody was hurt.

This is why Christmas and the Winter Holiday is so very popular and filled with altruism. It is the true core and genesis of humankind. This core is the thing that makes humans amazing…the ability to create something out of nothing (every invention, careers, rags to riches, etc) and the astonishing ability to help each other to achieve the same goal together…only if we would remember that.

One of my many lofty goals of Motivating For Positive Change is that when you leave my speech or seminar you leave feeling at the level of Christmas…because when we are feeling this level of altruism and love for your neighbor, we will have truly changed the world!

change the world




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