Thank you cards…send them out widely

Always have thank you cards.

Have thank you cards on you and in your car (or other mode of transportation).

This is an idea I suggest every single person to take up.

When ever I create clubs and organizations at schools (so far I’ve create3d 4 clubs that are still standing, and 2 that aren’t because of lack of school sponsorship) the first thing I do is to write thank you cards to people. The only requirement is that each person in the club must make 6-7 thank you cards…you are always more than welcome to make more. The second requirement is that they must give 1 to a cafeteria person, 1 to a plant operator what we use to call janitors, and 1 must go to a  teacher they really really don’t like. Then I explain that when they give it to the person they say, “I thought you deserved a thank you card.”

It is amazing what happens. I can’t tell you how quickly things change. Suddenly, the classrooms are getting cleaner better, that kids’ classroom gets things done quicker, and that grumpy teacher lightens up.

Thank you cards are amazing!  A real thank you card [you can get a pack in a dollar store for $1.] Yes, a real thank you card.   When you see someone do something awesome, or they did something for you that they really didn’t have to…you can walk out to your car and quickly write out a thank you card to them. This does so so much!!!!

1st, it makes them feel like they are valued

A friend of mine has created an entire company geared to showing people they are valued.  The award winning company is called apply: You are Valued or YAV for short.

2nd it shows that someone has taken a moment to think of them enough to actually give them a card. A person took a moment out of their day to say something nice to them…on a real card. Stationary and real writing is going away these days…we can bring it back in the terms of thank you cards. A card is amazing thing…I promise.

3rd…its tangible and touchable….Cards are important to us. Christmas cards are the most nonthrown out item in the world. People keep cards forever. Even me….the one priceless thing I keep in my keepsake box is the last Christmas card and note my mother sent me. Thank you cards are the same way. Who knows what that thank you card will turn into. A symbol that humanity is getting better…or isn’t that bad.  A symbol of people thinking about them. A moment to remember when they weren’t alone or a moment they were valued and thought of.  It might be an item that they carry with them to remember that someone thought they were valued. With the insanity of abuse going on…ALL of us need to be reminded that we are valued, appreciated…and someone thanks us for doing what we do.

Thank you…reader who reads my blog…thank you for reading, being inspired, reblogging these ideas that have the ability to change the world.

Thank you for hiring me in the past or in the future.

Thank you everyone for listening…and for reading!

Thank you



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