Things that need to be changed.

I troll like others troll their friends facebooks. Is it right…..unlike trolling people’s facebooks…yet it is right!

The more you look around on, the more great causes you find. Here are a list of causes going on right now:

26 million for the kids and adults killed in Newtown, CT

These kids and few adults deserve at least this….at least. They only wanted to be loved and live…that was taken away. I know we can show a public support to show that these kids matter enough for us to at least click on the “sign’ button for them.

She deserves a peace prize

This little girl stood up against the Taliban…when they are in her own country. That would be like a jewish person standing up to the Nazi’s….and the only thing she asked was to be seen as equal as a boy and desired an education.

Stop putting flame retardent chemicals in gatorade

Does it seem like a good idea to put chemicals in drinks that peopel ingest/  No, of course not!

Help kids with autism

Currently, most insurance companies stop paying for services such as occupational therapy for kids with autism after age 9. They need a whole host of services after this age…the syndrome is just taking affect at this age.     -Who are we to decide when an animal “deserves” to die. We don’t!  We just don’t!  We seem to have this theory that says, if it doesn’t fit our human life the way we want it to – it needs to be killed off. This si not the message that we need to give to the youth of this country.

This kid who fought cancer all his life is trying to give back and because of his school’s backward hair policy, it’s sto[pping him from doing that. Can we please allow students to do good things and not push them down for it?     –    We’re jailing people who are working toward nonviolence and peace, and then upholding people that are dealing in crime and hatred…what’s wrong with this idea?  free these people and let them be! – There are some things we know happen in this world, and some we don’t. i had no idea this was a reality…now that i know, I know it needs to stop!  –   everyone deserves the right to normal wages and working conditions no matter what the job is. – The reason dolphins and whales are being killed is because their meat is being sold on the market. These are mammals…not just meat. We must be their voice, because no one else will.

Every animal deserves to be treated with respect as all living things are. Demand respect for animals.

Please do something to help someone…anyone!






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