Positive gift giving ideas – 6 days till cheristmas


Counting today…there’s only 6 days left.

What are you giving for Christmas?  You can always give a “thing” the stores are full of them and they make more every day.

But what about something amazing!!!!

A friend of mine is a very big believer in the Children’s home in Jerusalem. She has made 3 trips there, and has volunteer her time with them and at their facility each time she goes over there.  It’s a home for kids who have lost their home and their parents because of all the fighting and war in that area. They feed them, house, them, and get them an education. I donated $25 to them in her name. When she opened it and saw what it was, she gasped. She couldn’t believe she had a piece of paper that said she had done somethign to help them. That someone thought of her and donated to somewhere that was so passionate it to her.  Everyone won in this gift, and she hugged me for many minutes just repeating…thank you, thank you, thank you. We all can do this for someone.

Give them a gift of charity in their own name.

Pick a charity or a cause and donate something in their name.

Animal Lovers – They don’t need a dog sweater or a a sticker that says “i love cats”. How about somethignt o show they are helping animals?

WWF – Symbollicly adopt an animal.

My voice t-shirts  – a company dedicated to giving an animals a voice, makes a statement and educates everyone when you wear them.

ASPCA – Help an animal find a home or at least care for one that doesn’t have one.

or a cause such as:

Domestic Violence- Donate to help or buy merchandise that helps end the abuse.

Breast Cancer walk – donate to the 3 day and help others achieve independence from cancer


These are just a few great gifts you can give to someone…find out what they are passionate about, and give them a gift that will fill their soul rather than their shelf.



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