Positive gift giving ideas – 4 days left

happy6Only 4 days left to spread some positivity in your gift recipient’s life

This one is a little harder…but not impossible, especially if you can team up with a family member of theirs.

This comes from something I actually did…and the reaction was amazing.

There was a young lady that use to live across the street. She is now a very successful museum director in Massachusetts. At the time, she was a 22 year old who was working to get a life going and jumping from one low paying museum job to another. She tried as hard as she could to get curator positions (a dream she had all her life) but it just wasn’t happening. Paying her bills weren’t happening either.

I knew her sister who was a frequent visitor and I asked if she was doing ok. Turns out my neighbor was drowning, and the one thing she needed was her electric to be paid. So a group of us got together and paid it. We wrapped up the bill, the receipt and gave it to her for Christmas. She almost fainted. Because of this generosity, she saw the world as better than she realized…and took a change at a museum director job (which she felt she was unqualified for), and got it!

It’s amazing what a gift of charity can do for someone.


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