Positive gift giving idea – 3 days left


With today…there’s only 3 days left.

The frantic feeling has already come!

Today, adopt a family. Either your family or a group of you, adopt a family. Go to a homeless shelter or a domestic violence shelter and see if they need anything else.  Go to a place you know many homeless hang out, and ask what you can get. You’d be surprised how much a small amount of money goes.

A number of years ago..a few freak accidents left me penniless and homeless….and nobody would help me because i looked like a healthy man who could get a job. Of course i could get a job, I’m a college educated able bodied man….except jobs require id’s and social security cards – both of which I could not obtain.  Banks also require an id to get a new card and get YOUR money. I was sitting against a tree reading a book..since libraries will open their doors to anyone and you can get out of the heat and the cold. A man came up to me and asked how I came to be there. I explained my predicament. He asked how i could correct my situation..i explained if I could get my birth certificate, if could get an ID. It would cost me $25, and I needed a real address to mail it to. he opened up his phone, sent the required e-mail and said to meet him at his home in 2 days. Two days later i arrived at his very very nice big house and he gave me my birth certificate. Such a small little item, that meant so much to me.

In the next couple of days, I got my ID, my driver’s license, my bank card, and a social security card.  I obtained a basic call center job, applied to work as a teacher since I am certified to do so, and became a teacher. I then decided to speak out against domestic violence and violence in general. Finally, that lead me here…writing this blog and traveling the country speaking to people – inspiring and motivating everyone to do something to change the world.  that man changed my world…and so did so many others.

His X-mas gift to me was my life….and you can do that too.



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