Positive gift giving idea – 2 days left


2 days left…it’s Christmas eve.

This is the day when kids sleep early, reindeer fly, and elves pack up a sleigh.

Counting today…you have 2 days left.



We all have to eat. We all eat food. Some people have dietary restrictions…but in reality we all eat!

Ever though about going shopping for someone? Go shopping and pick out necessities that every house needs, and necessities your friends need.  Spaghetti, noodles, sauces, cereal, coffee, frozen veggies, ice cream, bathroom tissue, paper towels, windex, etc, etc. there are certain staples that won’t go bad that you can buy for someone. Wrap up an entire grocery list and probably only spend $10-25. Wow!!!

Can you imagine not having to go shopping because someone else did?  What a great gift!

When you give something like this, you’re not giving just a present you’re actually thinking about them as a person.


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