Positive gift giving ideas – Today is the day


It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On this day you have only 1 gift to give, and it’s one of the most important gifts you can give someone.


Give yourself as that gift.

there are so many people who would simply love to see you. That’s all they want. A grandmother, a mother, an aunt, or even a nephew and a niece…they don’t want the gifts and the stuff…they merely want you.

If you can’t get to them…figure out a time and a way you can skype or facetime them.   There are so many people I talk to and they tell me that the one gift they want is to be able to see someone…a son in the war or somewhere else, a daughter too busy with her own family, a friend who has lost touch. Give these people that gift of you on their doorstep.

I started this journey to help and motivate people to do amazing things. Since that moment, I have been invited to speak and talk to 1000’s of people.  In my travels, I gave the gift to each person i spoke to of being there at that moment. I gave them that clip of time…and hopefully the information that i shared helped them in some way.

In the end…I quote a 14 year old young lady:  The reason it’s so cool when you come here is because you bring smiles with you. It’s nice to be in a room full of smiles.

That’s the gift of being positive, smiling, and be the happier and more positive you!

I could wish you a happy holidays, but that’s so finite. So instead:

Have a happy day…everyday.

I look forward to coming to visit your group, organization, or class and show everyone how they can reinvent the world and create positive change!



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