New Years resolutions?

New Years resolutions.


Wat are new years resolutions essentially?  Ideas, promises to yourself etc…to keep in the new year? Why do we do them?

The reasons why we do them sheds more light on new year resolutions, than the resolutions themselves. We create, state, and put a huge significance on new years resolutions because we’re heading into a new year. With the change of 1 year to another, we feel the change and look at the things that we see wrong with ourselves, and decide we are going to change them. Not only that, this is an opportunity to start something new, start something that will change our lives for the better. New Years resolutions are never bad….well maybe never is a strong word. Also, if you don’t want to take part in your new years resolution, that could make it bad. Of course if you don’t like your new years resolution one has to wonder why a person would want to do that to themselves. Doesn’t that sound like wanted torture?  Into masochism much?

Also, to add more problems with this little tradition is that it requires change. The problem that most people have with life itself is…you guessed it…change. We don’t like getting older (change). We don’t like having to CHANGE jobs. A lot fo people don’t like to move. (Change). Look how long it’s taken to get people to recycle…and even then we’re not truly recycling.

A few of the more popular new year resolutions is:

loosing weight

cleaning more

getting a better job

going back to school

getting a man/woman

loosing a man/woman

getting more….money, toys, etc, etc

Why not change this resolution nonsense into something that will help others and ourselves at the same time.

What if we created new years resolutions about doing positive things? Instead of changing ourselves (who said we needed to do that anyway?) why not focus on changing the “world”.

Here are a few examples:

I resolve to adopt a highway and clean up my community.

I resolve to work more toward helping a charity or nonprofit. (donations/drives/volunteering/etc for any charity or organization of your choice.)  Collect blankets, newspaper, and kitty letter for the local animal shelter. Collect toiletries/feminine products/etc for the local domestic violence shelter. Talk up an organization like or Greenpeace that are working towards helping the planet. Donate and get other people to donate to parks and recreations groups that are trying to save our wild lands.   Go in with a group of people and adopt an animal….I believe it takes 4 people to adopt an entire lion…talk about team building. There are so many organizations out there that need your help.

I resolve to do more walks for others. There are always walks going on to benefit other people. Go check them out. Not only that, if you’re looking to exercise more in the new year, this will definitely be an “everyone wins” situation. You’ll be exercising and these groups will be gathering money and notice. In every community there are walks going on. Just go onto google and look up 5k’s or walkathons that help and benefit others. Do the Susan G Komen 3 day to work towards ending breast cancer.

I resolve to help out the local schools. Whether it be pre-school, elementary, middle, or high-school every school needs your help. Decide how much you’re going to spend and let the front office know that you’d like to help in any of the fundraisers that are out there.

In no time, you will have little kids/e-mails/letters coming to your house selling you everything from nuts, chocolates, coupon books, and cookie dough to gain some sort of money for their school. But remember, you can also go through the neighborhood and get all of your neighbors, friends, and people you know to clip those “box top” tabs that are on all sorts of things that you buy everyday. It is amazing how many of those are sitting in our landfills. Each “box top” point is worth $1 to a school. That means if you only get 10, you just got that school 10 dollars…that’s pretty neat considering all you had to do is take an extra moment and clip it off the stuff you just bought anyway. But what would happen if you got 10 people to do the same thing and just drop them off in your mailbox as they walked by? That would be $100…and that’s just 10. There are 10 points on a mega size waffle box alone.

I resolve to start a movement….Anyone can do this, and it’s not that big of a deal to do it. What if you contacted your local garbage dealer and found out how to get an entire community to recycle. Then went to each of your neighbors and asked them to recycle. If it was free…which most are…it would be simply the ability to have them make a phone call. If they agree when you ask, you can just pop out your cell and call for them. In no time your entire community is recycling. You could start a neighborhood clean up crew….ask all the kids, they’d love it. You could find out all the businesses that are represented in your neighborhood and give them all free advertising….everyone helps out everyone else. The ideas and opportunities are endless.

These are just a few ideas that you could resolve to do in your world or your community to create positive change in our world. By changing our neighborhood, community, or the lives of just 1 person…we create a ripple affect that will change ourselves in a positive way….if not physically, definitely mentally.As I speak about in my speeches and educational seminars, if we each chose one thing we could do to create positive change….we could truly change this world in a positive way!




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