We can all do something to help the world!

Every single person can do something to change the world.


changeThats’ right…we all can.

There are so many ways to do this now, and most of us are letting them slip by.

My favorite is of course, change.org. Every person in the world will find a cause or a petition on there that you can sign, pass around, and get behind to change the world in a positive way.

Motivating for positive change isn’t just a Chad Herman thing, it’s an everyone thing and we can all do it!  When we want to create change and help others, there are so many avenues that you can take. Actually right now, there are ways to donate cents…that’s right change.. to charities. Everyone knwos that to give $5, $10 , $15 is difficult, but whatr about 15 cents. What about a nickle?  what about those 3 pennies you found…it all doesn’t seem like much, but when you put a group of pennies together you have a dollar….and now you’re on your way.

My daughter collected change and donated $200 to All Childrens Hospital. My daughter also collected change and donated $150 to the Special Olympics. I decided to get people to donate a penny….and I was able to donate $100 to World Wildlife Fund….this si all possible, and we all can do something.

Armchair activist is a site and group that are explaing just that, and are trying to show everyone that we all can do something to change the world in a positive way.

Chad R. Herman is a motivational speaker and the creator of Motivating For Positive Change…he travels all around motivating and inspiring peopel to change the world in a psotive way…he’s also now talking int he 3rd person…why?  To explain that I am doing everything to motivate and inspire people to help and change the world…the beauty of it is that people are. I see changes everyday and all around me…let’s keep it up by doing something.



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