Motivational books….coming soon

That’s right…yes this is true!

If you like this blog, you’re going to love the books.

There are 3 e-books coming, and 2 real books….all available to be bought by you to inspire and motivate you and your friends and family for years and years to come.

These books will be great for all sorts of people…including you.

Did you know I’m already a published author…probably not. Many short stories, internet copy, and poetry have been published in over 20 publications. Not only that, one of my poems is in space, etched in glass in the toronto library, and projected on a waterfall in South America.

I’m a poet

Do you like poetry?  There are multiple poetry books coming out. In the next few weeks, you will be able to sample and read some of this poetry.

I’m a story teller.

What about fiction? This is a book that has been many many years in the making. It is a compilation of short stories intended to inspire and motivate positive change in all of us. At the end of each story you will feel a air of warmth wash over you as you smile and become even more inspired to create positive change in the world. In the following days and weeks, you will get samples of these stories.

Check out the facebook for more info: motivating positive change




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