Wow….look at this horrible app. What is this teaching our young people. Sadly, it’s actually marketed and programmed directly for youth.

However, we have the ability to spin everything and anything to the positive. Therefore, here’s my idea:
I’m constantly talking to large groups about doing something to change the world, or doing something to make a difference, or choosing something that they truly care about and do something to change it. Here’s that something for us all.

This app is systematicly promoting abuse, domestic violence, and gender inequality. I think, NO…I know that we can do something to end this type of abuse and these types of app’s from becoming, existing, etc.

Read this article (blog) and research the address of the company that makes the app. Now…e-mail them. Facebook abotu the horrid app, and ask all of your facebook friends to e-mail them, write them letters. We can stop this abuse and violence promotion in our world if everytime something liek this comes out….we squash it!



“The Boyfriend Trainer” app: Teaching Youth To Abuse

by a Mumbai-based company Games2win India

boyfriend-trainer-top630useWe all love games.  But there is a degree of tolerance that we all have for say nudity and violence.  Even Apple has banned apps due to nudity and violence against women.  So, WHY is this app being allowed in the Apple itunes store and the Android app store for downloading?!?!  Is Intimate Partner Violence only men hurting women??  Of course not!!  There are many, many women who are violent to their boyfriends.  And yes, this is also Intimate Partner Violence.  So why are these companies allowing this as though it is okay?  They will not comment.  At least not yet.

The description of the game is “Crack that whip and teach your guy a thing or two about being the Perfect Boyfriend!  When scolding doesn’t work, just zap him, whack him and train him to…

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