Sneak peak at poetry

A few poems from the future book of inspirational poetry:


Be Happy


Everyone is searching for the meaning

looking for the reason to ride.

All should just stop demeaning

and rejoice in being alive.


So many are really unhappy

a lot of them just want to die.

The real goal is just to be happy

and sit back and enjoy the ride.


Whether you drive, jump, skim, race, or fly

you gotta continue down the hill.

You’re bound to get there eventually

just zoom on down, enjoy the thrill.


We don’t have long on this great big sphere

aren’t walking much from there to here.

Things come and go very rapidly

just remember to be happy.


There would be more

peace in the world

if we understood

that every drop of

golden sun was a little

bit of love

given to


Coffee Stains


Coffee stains on the counter.

We don’t mean to

leave them –

who really

tosses coffee on the

counter just to


fuck it, fuck it


Toss some coffee

all over the place!

Who cares where my

coffee goes.


No one! No one!


We clean up the rings and stains


they come back with each cup.


We clean up our problems,

they always

come back

till we

learn to make it in

the freakin cup!



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