How do you make a difference in the world – Stand up!

To truly understand this amazing video imagine this for a moment:

You are born into a world where it is overtly obvious that you are a second class citizen in the eyes of everyone around you and especially your country. Also, you realize that you are a second class citizen because of your gender…that one little chromosome that makes you male or female. That one little leg of the chromosome and BAM you are less than the males.

Now imagine that you watch all of the adult women in your world lament about their lack of very very hushed words. You have dreams and hopes that you know other people are allowed to have…but you aren’t allowed those dreams and hopes because of who you were born as.

Then you found out that you were going to be one of the lucky few that was able to be educated…not as much as the boys, but educated nonetheless. The more education you got, the more people around you got angry. The government tried to stop the annoyance around your city…but it was glaringly obvious that because of your gender and the fact you were getting an education, you were looked down upon.

Now add the fact that multiple countries were occupying your country and you saw military jeeps, tanks, and listened to gunshots ring in the air as you walked onto the bus, went to school, learned your lessons, and came home. You could feel your house shake from the bombs sometimes. Because of your education and your parents, you knew that the war was for civil rights. If they won the war, you were able to keep doing what you were doing. If they lost the war, you would become a captive who has no rights except what the males tell you to do.

In school you write a paper about the rights of girls and women. It gets publisher and it becomes a world wide phenomenon. You get awards and lots and lots of praise. You are standing up for whats right.

On your bus that morning, men board your bus and the last thing you remember is a flash… just got shot in the head for standing up against what was glaringly and obviously wrong!

This is Malala’s story, and now that she is healing…she is keeping up the fight.

This is the story of all of us. This si the story of how to fight against a cause that you feel that strongly for.

This is a story of pure good…and how we all have it in us.

So, how do you change the world…by taking a stand against what’s wrong in the world.

As Ghandi said: I alone will do right, even though everyone is doing wrong.

What will you stand up for?


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