Stop living in the past…change the future


This article is amazing:

In the 1400’s long hair was a status that said you were royalty and had the ability to take care of such hair.  It was considered a men’s fashion…and the longer your hair, the more radiant you were. In the 1500’s a woman with short hair was considered a great workers, an awesome wife, and an amazing woman because with all the work the women did to take care of the household…long flowing hair would be quite cumbersome and dangerous. In the 1700’s, wigs of great shape were considered the mark of a well distinguished man. In the 17-1800’s, skirts were men’s fashion. In fact, look at a lot fo the French and English rulers of the day, they had paintings of them wearing skirts or pantaloons that looked A LOT like skirts!

This makes a great point about gender, but it also makes a great point in so many other areas. We do things because it’s “normal”, then we are against the things that aren’t “normal”. Well wasn’t everything we see as “normal” once considered “not normal” or “wrong”?  Most of the things that the US has created as “normal” and “good” and “right” and “society” is based on theories created in the 1930-1950’s and before. Why are we still on this standard?  Why are we still teaching our children these archaic rules and biases?

Are you still using a 1950’s phone?

Are you using a computer?

Can you have a conversation with someone face to face 1000’s of miles away?

Can you cross the Atlantic ocean in 4-6 hours?

Can you play Angry Birds on your smart phone(if you had a smart phone)?

Did you get inoculated for your childhood diseases, including polio?

Are you sending e-mails?

Are you using microwave ovens?

Are you downloading music?

Are you working in an industry that didn’t exist pre-1950?

I stood on a street that has a plaque on it which reads: “This is Central Avenue. During Jim Crow, the North Side was the white side and the South side was the black side. Segregation separated the road and the country.” I leaned against this sign and watched as a black congressman, a Chinese mayor, and a hispanic city council member travelled down waving at the sea of multi-colored faces. This is our reality…right now mixed with the reality of before.

We have moved forward in so many aspects of life except the things we consider normal. We must change this…and you are responsible for doing it!

End the idea that we must conform to what is considered normal.

End the idea that violence in any form is acceptable.

End the idea that climate change is not real.

Motivate for the positive change of the world

Create positive change…every day.


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