A note of positivity for you reader

You just made my day!

You just made my day!

To all of my blog followers and those reading this who might not be my blog followers –

Thank you! Thank you for reading and following. Thank you for your likes (they mean so very much), thank you to all of you who have hired me in the past, who have inquired about hiring me, who I have had the opportunity to speak in front of, and who I have had the opportunity to inspire. Thank You for reading and doing so many awesome things.

I have read so many comments, e-mails, and ideas of what my words have helped and motivated people to do….it’s amazing. We are actually changing thew world. We are actually showing the young people that this world can be better, and they have the ability to do so. I have read so many of your blogs, and I’m as excited as you are for the great things you are accomplishing, doing, and saying. Please…go back and read your blogs. Don’t look at the writing…look at what you said. You are all amazing!

In this day…days before valentines I want to wish you…the person who is reading this right now….more love and positivity than you know what to do with. I wish for you a tidal wave of love and positiivity so large that it washes over you again and again and then flows out down the hall to your family, your friends, and everyone you come in contact with.

Be well….and thank you again!

Chad Herman Motivatingforpositivechange.com





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