Feb 12 – 3 days till Valentines day

Wow…days are going by fast.

I’m so thankful that I have the ability to go out and speak about peopel changing the world everyday…then I get to write about people changing the world. I’m thankful I get to give ideas to people to change the world.

Through motivatingforpositivechange.com, I’m able to be hired and connect to so many different people from aroudn the world…it suddenly occurred to me:

We can all connected to everyone around the world.

If you’re reading this…you’re on the internet. If you like 87% of the adults in the U.S. you have a facebook account, and if you are reading this it is pretty likely you have a blog out there. That means we have 3 different ways to show positivity, or what people call love, to millions of people.

So here’s our 3 days before valentines day assignment:

Step 1: Write a message of love to all people.  Just a general note.

Step 2: Put it as your facebook status and start it: To all of my facebook friends (BTW my facebook is motivating positive change)

Step 3: Do the same thing with your Blog and start it: To all of my followers and those who are reading this (something like that)

Step 4: Smile and know that you have celebrated love with all of your extended internet friends.

What kind of awesome positive responses did you get?


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