Feb 13 – 2 more days till Valentines day


A holiday designed to love one another.

A holiday inspired by a man who would not give up his love for a person who so loved him back, that he was jailed, and eventually killed.

A holiday so commercialized, yet still retains it’s purpose of showing love to one another.

Are you going to get a valentine card for someone….I hope you are.

Here’s a thought:

Go to a dollar store. Buy as many valentines you can afford. I bought 10.  I’m using 2 for my wife…I give her one the day before, and one the day of.  I’m a mushy romantic. (You know, if you get the “kids” valentines you have like 30)

Now, think of 10 people to give a valentines to.  (Remember, we use to do this every year. But we went out and got PACKS of valentines and we gave it to our whole class. Remember how great ti was to have 20-30 people giving you a valentine…you can bring this back. ) If you can’t think of 10…choose random people, and put a general valentine greeting in it.

I put: I hope that love finds you, swoops you up, and fills you with happiness.

Then go give them out. Give those valentines to people at work, at the grocery store, at the movies, at the mall, everywhere and anywhere you want. You will be an inspiration, an example, and you will be creating positive change!!!

chad herman motivatingforpositivechange.com


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