Post valentines news

7 days ago – I last posted a blog.

In that time, I have done the following:


Spoke to a group of Rotary members.

There were awesome speakers at this event. It was a breakfast event talking about how we can all change the world.  I ended the event with a Prevent Violence and Domestic Violence” speech. It went great….I educated many about the root causes of DV, what is DV, and finally how we can prevent it.  It always amazes me that people do not see the link between sexism, objectification of women, and misogyny to domestic violence and intimate partner violence. However, when I point it out…the group is always amazed.  So many people have got so use to the idea that “sex sells”, and we have accepted that that is just a part of our life…that we don’t see what it does tot he minds of the young women who see it, but also the minds of the men who see it.

The other part which amazes me, and the Rotary members were in full belief in this, how easy domestic violence is ended. Be nice to people. Find out what a  healthy relationwship looks like…and do that.  How easy. Almost 3 million people’s lives every year would improve if we all just did that!


Met with a group of Social Activists

Wanted me to help and inspire people to improve their parenting.

There are so many people in the world who have children, and the only way they know to parent is how their parents did. However, if their parents didn’t do a good job..we continue the cycle of bad parenting, and negative people into the future. It’s amazing how simple these are…but people simply don’t know them. It’s not their fault that they treat their children like they do…they just don’t know any better. However, when they are educated suddenly the light bulb goes off…and they change.

It was a great opportunity!


Solidified the February 28 conference for the National Safety and Security Conference.

I am speaking about how we can end bullying and violence in schools by creating an entire culture of nonviolence  throughout the school. First, we go through what we have been saying about bullying, why we have found it’s wrong, and why we now need to do to recreate the culture of a group, school, or community to a culture of nonviolence and appreciation for all people.

Looking forward to this

Lastly….I got sick.

But I’m well now.

I hope everyone is doing well.










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