Ricky Robert III publishes new BOOK


From Ricky’s website:

Ricky Roberts III is an author, youth advocate, mentor, speaker, and founder of You Are Valued, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating positive change  by embracing the value of every man, woman, boy and girl. The vision is a more peaceful world free of familiar cycles of abuse, neglect and violence where everyone sees the value in who they are and appreciates the same in others. Robert’s mission in life is to encourage people to see the greatness in who they are and what they have to offer the world around them.


My favorite story about Ricky Roberts is a personal one. Ricky and I sat talking about doing things to help others, and he suggested that we say thank you to all people for what they are doing. So, I tried it….and I immediately changed someone’s life. I simply walked up to a man who was working on the road and told him I was grateful for what he was doing, and thanked him for doing it. I then explained all the great things his job allows others to do. This man, a large muscular man with a face worn by many passing cars, smiled and began to cry. He gave me a hug and told me nobody had ever thanked him before, nobody had ever even thought of thanking him.

This is how powerful Ricky’s words truly are.

Check out his other books at rickyrobertIII.com


What if there was a book written in street-smart language that pulled no punches about getting your life together? What if that book also gave clear direction to how that could start happening today? YOU by Ricky Roberts III is such a book. The author interjects personal experiences with an “in your face” writing style that challenges the reader to take control regardless of the circumstances. From setting goals, to developing positive thinking habits, to embracing our inherent value, YOU delivers practical, insightful help to young and old alike. The premise is simple: the answers to your dreams lie within you.

What really Matters

Most of us have wondered what is really important to us in our lives. In his book, What Really Matters, Ricky Roberts III tackles the issue with a heartfelt approach he used in his own life, and shares what he learned with the reader. What Really Matters is a real sincere look at the way “we” live our lives. This book can reach people of all ages, genders, and religious beliefs. It is written with the same in-your-face writing style that he used in his first book, You.

Where did the Gift go?

Is this where I am called to be? What is life all about? Is it too late? Whatever your questions may be, Ricky Roberts III takes you on a journey inward, as he shares what has to come to him in his heart-felt reflections, in his 3rd book, Where Did the Gift Go? No matter where you may be in your life, or what religious preferences you may have, this book will inspire you to rediscover parts of yourself that have been lost, or have been found.

And now his new book….

Please check out the books or come to the Release party…you won’t be disappointed.


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