Take a seat and Make a friend – what a great idea

What a simple idea:

Create a ball pit.

Invite adult – people to sit in it.

Give them things to talk about on balls.

Change how people see the world! Wow!!

This is completely and simply how people can change others way of life and their lives as well.

Here I am with my numbers again….Let’s say only 20 people sat in this pit. That’s 20 people who will tell at least 2 people about their experience.  That’s 40 people who have been changed, and will then live out that change through the actions and speech of their life. Of those second 20 people, they will tell about 13 people about this experience. This will then inspire others and motivate others.

When we create things like this, we have the ability to change people’s lives forever. This is creating positive change. Passing this blog on…is motivating for positive change!



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