Tesla and saving the earth


I offer these curriculum for middle and highschool students:

Youth can change the world

You can help save the earth

Youth ending violence

Youth preventing domestic violence


The people who want these classes are normally YMCA’s Boys and Girls Clubs and rec centers. The end of each of these classes is to have students do something to help the world in some way. It’s a rewarding and amazing experience. I’ve been part of things that I think won’t work, and it turns out to be AWESOME. I’ve planned 1 mile beach cleanups, and turned it into a 5 mile beach clean up, because “the kids” wanted to keep going.

This year most of the groups wanted: You can help save the earth.

This has never happened before, and I believe it’s in a step in the right direction. We are consciously looking at the earth as something that needs to be paid attention to. Even the students are!

With Tesla’s quote, it’s amazing what he and so many others saw in the past. This quote is shared by many of the great minds of his time. However, nobody did anything. This is the problem with the present….we have to do something NOW in order to affect the future.  What if someone did something about our planet and heeded Tesla’s words, what would our present look like? I believe it would be vastly different, and there would be a lot more animals still alive.

Last week, millions of people went to Washington D.c, to make their statement on the global warming/climate change argument. Bill McKibbin and thousands of supporters of 350.org asked President Obama to stay true to his inauguration speech, and do something to end climate change.

Stay tuned to what will happen with these groups of young people this year.

The momentum has started…what are you doing to help save the earth?

Chad Herman – motivational speaker


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