Florida Fisherman Lost at Sea


I’m a big believer that if you are going somewhere you need a drink. Therefore, whenever my family and I are going on a trip..the first stop is a cheap beverage place.

As you have probably guessed from the blog, or if you have heard me speak, I work toward spreading positivity and joy to everyone I meet. I make sure that everyone that passes my path is welcomed, inspired, and happy.

As I stood in line waiting to pay for my drinks I noticed the picture above on a gentleman’s shirt.  I asked him about this, and he proceeded to explain that at a local boardwalk…they have just put up this memorial to all the fisherman who are lost at sea.

I told him I thought that was a very worthy cause to be part of, and I thanked him for wearing the shirt. The man had sea blue eyes stained with pain of the past, and a face worn by years of salt and sun. His sea blue eyes began to water and tears streamed down his face. He smiled at me and was aghast that I would thank him for this. He was thanking the people who put it up, by wearing the shirt so that others would know about it. Because his mom and dad went out on their monthly fishing tour. Not a bad work they had, 24 hours of fishing, once a month, and they spent the rest of the month with their kids. 1 day of month work. This day the fish were biting, the fisherman were bringing home stories of full hulls of fish.  He was 20, his brother was 18. They never came back.

I asked him if I could write about this memorial…and he begin to cry again. Yes was his answer. Yes because of his parents. Yes because of their parents. Yes, because of all the children and parents that have been lost to the sea.

This is another example of a great cause to help and get behind. This is a great cause to collect a donation for, create an office giving group, or even just a neighborhood rec center donation drop. This is just one of the many great causes that we can help and begin to change the world.

So…for all those men and women lost at sea…please visit

Florida Fisherman Lost at Sea and remember the many people who have helped not only shape and create our country, but who have graced our homes and community…that are now below the waves.


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