Unplug, reinvent and walk back into life

The story of a man who decided to completely unplug.

What did he find when he did this…Life. It’s amazing where life takes us when we get our head out of our phones, out laptops, and our own little social world. Suddenly….life is at our front door and we can do so much!!

Is this only because of our plugged in society…no. This is an example of our continued view that the only way to live is the way everyone else is living.

What if we changed that?

What if we decided that we didn’t have to live like everyone else?

What if we decided we would be there for everyone and be a person who helped everyone, rather than asking what’s in it for me?

What would happen if we actually took the time to meet our neighbors, talk to the people walking their dog, and say hi to complete strangers?

Could we literally change the world?  Yes.

But I can promise we would change our world for the better!

What could you do differently to change your little world for the better?



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