Domestic Violence has to end

This article is an article on ending domestic violence.

This article is an article to end violence.

This article is an article to end the suffering every man, woman, and child must suffer when the ugly head of domestic violence rears its head.

cl1This article is about remembering the 12 people that died last year in Pinellas County.

To put this in perspective: 9 in 2011, 8 in 2010, 11 in 2009, 6 in 2008, 4 in 2007, 7 in 2006…..This is more death because of domestic violence than any other year since we began counting in 2000.

This article is about 12 people who believed it was a good idea to end the lives of these people…and we hope they learn from it so that the lives are not lost in vain…and maybe just maybe, these people can find a positive outlet for their life.

This article is about the 4 people who took their own life after they took their “loved” ones.

This article is about the family members…the 100’s of family members that are left behind to wonder why…why did my child kill and why did my child die. Why did mom die, why did dad die, why did dad kill mom, why did mom kill dad?

This article shows the pinellas county domestic violence task force striving:

to bring awareness to the large amount of deaths

to remember the ones lost

to remember the ones that were affected


cl3to give a voice to everyone.

I was asked to Emcee this event, and it was a great honor. It was a great honor to speak out against this, and educate all the people who stood there that night, looking at the men and women who are now represented with bags.

It was a amazing to see the people in white, slowly turn as the names of each of the people were named. Silent white shrouded witnesses of the men and women who lost their life.

Interesting enough..this comes just days after the news that the man who caused so much heart ache and destruction in my house, in my mother’s life, and my life….is now dead.

It seems I should jump for joy…yet…it’s a reminder that many many people destroy people’s lives and are allowed to live a nice long life till the day they die. I don’t say this in any bitter way, but to realize that this crime surfaces again and again all over the world.  There are so many silent witnesses to atrocities, abuse, and acts of power and control.

So…say something. Say something when you see the abuse, say something when people vote against help and prevention of violence. Say something when people’s lives are at stake. Say something in marches. Say something on facebook. Say something on twitter. Say something about every person that has ever

Chad Herman speaking to end domestic violence.

Chad Herman speaking to end domestic violence.

died by the hands of a loved one….and say they deserve to be remembered as great people that never wanted anything more than to be loved.

Believe…believe that we are the solution. Believe that there is a solution. Believe that when a person says they “can’t” leave a situation…that’s very true…they can’t. Believe people when they say something has happened, and they don’t know where to turn. Believe that you can post, write, or do something to end this violence. Believe that others around believe the same thing.

When we all speak in one voice – this violence will end.


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