Happiness is a choice

A simple thought placed in a populated area.

A simple thought placed in a populated area.

It’s night time and the kids are in bed. My wife is doing her “night” stuff and I’m sitting in the bed with the dogs. This is the best and greatest time to read. I turn on my side light, open up a book, and drift into the pages of a great book.

I feel the give of dirt and sand under my foot, and the smell of dirt and pine fill the air. I take a deep breath and see a river of nature flowing in front of me. I take my first careful steps ontot he path cut into the bounty of nature, and within minutes I’m engulfed into the serenity of the trees. Step by step, the road and people noise drift off, and are replaced with scurrying things through the foliage, and a screech from overhead. The wind blows and the leave and pine needles russle, picking up some leaves and rolling them onto my walking feet.

These are two amazing moments that I live for. There are so many more, but these are the greatest and most amazing. A good book at night and a walk on the the trail. Wow! There is also the joy I receive when I walk into a library, or an old book store. There is so much to see, and do, and be immersed in. Many of those books are older than me, and the writer never dreamed of me ever touching the pages and ideas that came forth when he wrote them down.

These, and so many things, are taken fro granted as just another mundane thing to do in this humdrum life. What!!!!!!

happinessThere are so many people who fail to see the amazing world we live in day in and day out. There are so many peopel to fail to rejoice in the place they are living. There is someone, somewhere that is saving their pennies and dimes with coveted pictures of your area that they are dreaming about. You are living in paradise, if you look at it in a different perspective.

When you’re sitting at a red light, or in traffic, or in 2-3 hour traffic(those who have sat in 2-3 hour traffic that it is A LOT different than “traffic”) there is no reason to get mad. You have been given an awesome opportunity. You have the opportunity to stop. Stop thinking about all the things you have to, or want to, or think you must do and just be there waiting for the car in front of you to move. You are getting the opportunity to meditate, calm down, take self inventory, and so much more.

Not only that, this one moment of “stop”, might be the one moment that decides whether you are vulture food or happy living you. People day in and day out get hit and injured, or worse killed because someone ran into them. Why was it them that got hit…because they were at that spot, at that time. A red light, stop sign, or even a traffic jam is preventing you from being at those spots. It is preventing you from ever having to deal with that situation, because you were kept back just a few minutes in your life.

Everyday and every moment – you can be happy.

Everyday and every moment – Happiness is a choice.

No matter what is going on, you can create happiness. Look at your world and the world in a different perspective. When you change the way you look at something, you change the way you deal with it. When you change the way you deal with it, you change the way you feel about it. When you change your feeling, you change your emotions and your life.

Change your thoughts, change your life – Lao Tzu

betterSo every moment, every second, you can decide how you want to feel. Nobody can decide how you are going to feel, or make you feel a certain way without your permission. You are the controller and dictator of your life. You create an idea, and you make it happen. If you want a glass of water, you control your arms, legs, and mind to get a glass of water. There is no difference from deciding to be happy.

I came home after a very hard day. I went to a meeting, and every idea of mine was crossed off the list as “ridiculous”. A conference I was suppose to be a speaker at decided to go in a “new direction” and I was no longer needed. I went to and taught at the wrong place to the wrong people. I got in an argument with my wife.

My daughter, who has been indoctrinated with these ideas since the day she was born, asked what was wrong when I walked in. When I explained she said, Wow…you shared awesome ideas with people who might use those ideas later, a big conference organizer now has you on speed dial, and you taught some kids about saving the earth – isn’t that the goal of Motivating for positive change? I laughed and said: Yes, yes that is the goal.

And then the inevitable question: So dad, why are you upset and bothered?

That is a question I ask peopel all the time. Most of the time, the problems are really not that big of deal…and our life is a lot more happy than we realize!


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