Introducing Books everyone needs to read or The GREAT BOOKS series

I was 9 years old, my friend got beat up by a gang because he didn’t defend the “honor” of his brother. He had 2 black eyes, one he could see out of, bruises all over, and a limp. He was convinced he deserved. I was convinced there was more to all of this…there had to be.  After he got beat up, he was asked if he wanted to be an errand boy and make lots of money. He began hanging out with those guys a lot.

My house was getting bad, I had no idea how bad it would truly get, and I didn’t want to be there. By the time 10 rolled around, the only peace that existed in my house or neighborhood was when no one was there. I needed An escape….of course, that’s not how I saw it at 10. I saw it as: I’m bored and I want to have an adventure…I’ll go to the library.

The library, the books, the quiet…it was all an amazing adventure to me. It was like going to a foreign land. All the lawns were manicured, and they had doors instead of steel screens and then doors. They had shutters outside of their windows, and even planters attached to the window sill. I’d only ever seen bars on windows. (My room window however didn’t have bars. I removed the bars and screen so that I could get out of my house quickly when the fighting started.) There were trees to climb in front yards instead of at parks. Eucalyptus trees lined the front of the library, and the smell and leaves would blow by as you walked up to the building.

Inside, silence was mandatory and I welcomed it. Silence to listen; listen to the microfiche, the whispers, the librarians, the silence. When you are around yelling, shooting, banging, roaring, and slamming all the time – silence is Amazing! Suddenly, the library became my sanctuary and my haven. It was where all my questions about life and the world were answered, and where many adventures were waiting for me through the research as I strove for knowledge and understanding. These books, manuals, and volumes reached out to me to help me, inspire me, motivate me, and direct me.

I’m starting a “Great Books” series. There were many books that fell into my lap during those early years of discovery and transformation, some were relevant then and some are timeless and can be used by everyone as inspiration and education and motivation to create a different way of thinking, and a different way of acting.

Because as you have read this blog you know, a different way of acting…a paradigm shift is what we’re asking for . A way of seeing the world as a collective of awesome people striving to make the world better in the only way they know how, rather than a world of hate and negativity. Everyone wants happiness and positivity in the world, they just don’t know how to get it or help it happen. These books will help you with your life, your beliefs in the world, and your ideals of what is right/wrong and whether or not right and wrong mean what you think they do.

These are books that I believe every person should read. I believe with this reading list every person will come away understanding the world in a more peaceful way, a more accepting way, a more positive way, and a way which will inspire positivity to help all people to create an amazing positive community!

There will be 1-2 books a day. There will be a synopsis of the book, why I think it’s important…and what you will possibly get out of each book. There is a total of 15 books….if you have read them: let me know what you think and why you think they are important. If you have not read them…try it – I PROMISE you will never be disappointed with the selections and you will ALWAYS get something out of the reading.


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