Great Book Series – Johnathan Livingston Seagull


This is the second part in a 15 part series of books that I believe everyone should read.

Before I begin, I want to answer a question first: Why would anyone care what books you think that everyone would read?

js5Interesting question: First, I spent 6 years getting multiple literature and English degrees. I have written and published multiple pieces of literary criticism (explaining the meaning and ideals of a written piece, and how the piece deals with the problems/thoughts/experiences of the society which it represents). I’ve taught English literature for over 6 years. Lastly, as a motivational speaker and visionary, I look for any way I possibly can to motivate and inspire people. Given my background it just makes sense that I would use novels and books to do just that. Each and every book that is listed in this 15 part “Great books” series has some life lesson or idea to help inspire and motivate people to do amazing things. Every book in this series has a reason it’s in here (as I have and will put in each blog). I hope that answers this question. Please feel free to comment, e-mail, or facebook any questions to me and I’d be happy to answer them.

js3Why “the seagull” book as my kids call it. My two 11 year olds have already been “forced” to read this book. It’s technically written at a 5th-6th grade level, but the inner meaning are at whatever level you’re at. I personally ask the kids to read it, then ask them questions to make sure they “got” the book.

Richard Back created with Johnathan Livingston Seagull first and foremost a book about the choices we have in life. WE have the choice to go along doing what we have always been doing, what our “flock” has been doing for years, decades, and even centuries. We can choose to aspire to be the things we’re told are the “right” things to be. OR, we can go out and discover what we can really do. We can go out to discover that we have talents, ideas, and abilities far greater than anyone ever thought we had or ever thought we could do.

This book asks us to not accept the status quo, the “way it’s always been”, and go look for what we want in this life. Go out into the territory as Mark Twain said, and make something happen, do something, experience life on your terms and on your ideals. Don’t settle for what people say is the possibilities – push the envelope, push your abilities, and see how far into the impossible you can go. Remember – you’re going to fail, you’re going to get hurt, and you’re going to be disappointed and sad. Keep trying and you WILL achieve the impossible. Keep trying and you will achieve what you want to do with your life. However, there is never a reason to hurt and step on anyone else.

The next part of this book, as if that wasn’t enough, is the spiritual side. The idea that there isn’t an external leader or messiah…instead it’s you. You are the creator and the developer of the new reality…but more importantly, you are the teacher. Once you begin to create strides and push forward and begin achieving, you become an example to the people around you and eventually the world.

js4In the end, you must decide what you want to do…and never settle for anything less than what you want to accomplish, even if it’s said to be impossible. Imagine how many people have done the impossible, and we now see it as normal? Airplanes, electric light, radio, internet, computers, tv – all thought impossible at one time.

Go out and do something amazing…go out and create the new reality…go out and teach everyone how to move mountains, and then change the world!


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