Great Books series – Illusions


Illusions is another book by Richard Bach and one that shocks me every time I read it.

Essentially, it’s a novel about a messiah who never wanted to be a messiah, but understood and knew everything that was messiah work.

il1It’s a very interesting book with quotes that could be right out of the great thinkers of the world. Were these created by Bach or did he steal them, probably both. The point of this book is to get you to understand that YOU are the leader, YOU are the messiah. So often we decide to wait for people to lead and tell us what to do. So often we wait for someone to do something before we do it. This book has the exact opposite message.

The power is YOU! If you see a world in a different way, and you want to help change the world for the positive…than go do it. Stop thinking that the people who are successful, who are great, who are amazing are a different breed than you. They aren’t! I just read a book my Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers, and in it he proves that these amazing great people are not different from us at all…they simply do different things and have had other opportunities than we have. However, where do opportunities come from? Some of those opportunities come from where we were born, who we were born to, and when we were born. There’s a lot more that comes from the education that you decide to obtain for yourself. Also, a lot of it comes from what you decide to do. Our decisions, make up so much that it is amazing and staggering how much 1 decision can change everything.

For example: 1 group of women decided to buy the top of the line, revolutionary, computer for a group of middle schoolers. This was during a time when even the richest and most affluent did not use this kind of computer. It was then given to a club of 6 kids to learn computer software writing. Two of those kids were able to use it as much as they wanted, because of their drive and want…their choices about this opportunity, and they did! They were the only middle school kids in the US that were able to spend unlimited time on a brand new revolutionary machine. By the time they were in highschool, they had spent 30,000 hours learning to program. When the opportunities came, they were ready. Then they created a company based on what they knew how to do…they called it Microsoft.

This book picks up where Johnathan left off. The end of the book asked you to consider: You are the creator and the developer of the new reality…but more importantly, you are the teacher. Once you begin to create strides and push forward and begin achieving, you become an example to the people around you and eventually the world. Suddenly, you become the teacher and the creator of the new world you are creating. This is the message of this book.

il2You are not creating a world that will be like this world, you are creating a new world that will be nothing like you have ever experienced. You are creating a new reality…because you are the leader and you can. You are not the person other people decide you are, you are the person YOU decide to BE! You can change the world!


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