Motivating For Positive Change cleans up the community

Motivating For Positive Change

Motivating For Positive Change


Earlier in this blog, I told you that Motivating For Positive Change adopted a road. Well, we adopted the road and begin cleaning it up.

Now, after our second time cleaning the 1 ½ mile stretch, we have the signs up to tell everyone that we are helping out our community.

083076As we cleaned it, people stopped us to ask if we were the “motivating for positive change” people. When we said yes, we were given stories, and ideas of how to create positive change. They thanked us for cleaning up the road, cleaning up the neighborhood, and people honked at us with “thumbs-up” signs. A few kids even gave us pictures thanking us for helping out their community.

If you’re in the Pinellas County, Florida area…the Motivating For Positive Change road goes from the Corner of Seminole Blvd/102nd ave and goes west for 1 ½ miles till you get to Walsingham Park.

Contact me if you want to help on our next street clean up!



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