What does the oposite of violence look like?

In my travels and my business: Motivating For Positive Change   I come across many amazing things.  People fighting and then after a small potentially deadly conversation…community tree houses and hockey games are created. Homeless people hating life and everyone in it, and then after a small very loud conversation, they begin to promote peace and nonviolence by making jewlery while a tthe same time making some much needed money for themselves.

I also go and teach many students ranging from 10-18 and students of life 18-120 about nonviolence and creating a world of acceptance and understanding.

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to and educate a group of young people at Youth Art Corps Skyview in Pinellas Park, FL .

I asked them what does the opposite of violence look like?

Before I asked this question we had spoken about the violence that is prevalent in our world, as well as the violence that is all around us all the time. So I wanted to see what their fresh new minds would create to be truly the opposite of violence.

Without me leading your thoughts anymore: This is what the opposite of violence looks like:







Peace, peace signs, rainbows of transformation and a new day, food that feeds people and also the metaphoric view of happiness and love being food for our souls, happy people, kind words, love, Happy Peace Norwall, Happy Peace Unicorn, hearts, hugging, and people getting along together without anger, jealous, or violence anywhere to be seen.

To these group of students, and no doubt to many of us out there…This IS what the opposite of violence looks like.

Let’s make our world like the world that was created by these students.

Remember, these students are our future…we can help them create a future that looks like this: happy, filled with love and kindness, and bursting with opportunity.

What does the opposite of violence look like to you?



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